ECG during exercise


A Stress ECG or Exercise ECG:

  • is performed by a Cardiologist and a Cardiac Technician
  • generally takes 30-60 minutes to compete depending on findings
  • is conducted at a Medical Clinic or Hospital



  • Similar to a resting ECG, electrodes are placed on the upper torso (upper body).
  • A resting ECG is performed initially whilst the applicant is lying down however, they will be asked to walk on a treadmill, slowly increasing the speed to a gentle jog.
  • During this process, the applicant's blood pressure is monitored at regular intervals and the heart is monitored constantly.



  • Applicants should wear comfortable clothing and sports or running shoes for this test.
  • Applicants should not eat for two hours prior to this test to avoid any nausea.
  • If applicants are diabetic or take any medication, they will need to seek further instructions.