Case management

online case management

Supporting our operations is a proprietary on-line case management system (CMS) that manages cases or referrals through a workflow that is specific to each program that we operate with a healthcare or insurance client.

Apart from measuring the needs, inputs and outcomes of our programs, the CMS also has mechanisms to ensure the efficiency and accurately monitor the process of a program. The CMS can generate automatic reminders and alerts to any of the users involved in our programs and can be completely customised to meet the requirements of a specific program.

Our system facilitates the electronic reporting of adverse events together with the ability to reconcile the reporting status of every adverse event incident including an autit trail.

Our Case Management System can also generate reports according to the needs of our clients. These reports provide a systematic & validated method to monitor each of our programs & help to facilitate the effective management of these programs by providing regular feedback on program performance, and to support long term, strategic decisions

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